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Peace of mind

We manage our teachers/trainers timetable and can also, if you wish, manage the resources (rooms, equipment) that they use. This reduces the time that you, as a client, have to spend on administration and takes a lot of worry of your shoulders. Using our training services, you can concentrate your efforts on the satisfaction of your clients' needs, in the knowledge that your training is being delivered smoothly.

Our teachers are competent, trained professionals

Proformia Services trainers are all professionals who not only know their subjects 100% but can also teach them 110%. We look after their training, which again enables you to offer a more professional service to your clients, while saving on HR administration time and problems.

Bringing new skills to your training centre

As a training centre, your existing clients may have needs that you cannot always fulfill because you do not have access to teachers or trainers with the specific skills required that those needs require. With a wide range of trainer skills available, Proformia Services can help you solve this problem. With an easy access to other skills, you will be able to exploit new training areas with your existing customer base, or even to enter new markets.


Our aim is to provide teaching/training services to training centres and schools. We are interested in building solid, trusting, relationships with our clients and will therefore never work directly with your customers - we prefer to help you by bringing you business wherever possible. Naturally, we consider any information belonging to you and/or you customers as highly confidential.

Information about our business

Thanks to our information system, we can, at any time, supply you with detailed information about any aspect of our business relationship. Information and statistics on timetables, training hours, resource occupation etc., will be invaluable to you when managing your training activity.