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Any business activity can be considered as a series of problems to be solved.
Today, most companies recognise the fact that, to be more competitive, they need to be more creative and innovative – not only to offer new products and services, but also to search for more profitable ways of producing them and bringing them to the market.

To see the road ahead, as everyone knows, you have to lift your head up from wheel from time to time! With the programme we offer, you can take a break, and think creatively about particular problems facing your business in a relaxed atmosphere which is also productive and effective.

This programme will enable you to bring concrete solutions to your problems, while encouraging the participants to be more creative in their daily lives. It can be applied to any problem type from an organisational hitch in a department of a small business, to a strategic issue in a large group.

We guarantee, at the end of the process, that you will walk out of the sessions with an action plan which aims to solve the problem that you defined.

The approach takes place in three stages, generally in three sessions :

PROBLEM DEFINITION - A well defined problem is already half solved! A seemingly complex and unsolvable issue quickly becomes much more manageable once it has been well defined. Using highly effective techniques, we explore the problem in question. At the end of this phase, what needs to be solved (and what can't be solved right now) becomes clear.

SOLUTION GENERATION - In this phase, we use a variety of techniques to generate evaluate and select solutions to the problem defined. A suitable selection is brought forward to the next phase.

CREATION OF AN ACTION PLAN - Finally, we imagine together an action plan to implement the solution selected previously. The action plan takes the form of a detailed schedule including the actions to be taken, when and by whom.

We can, if you wish, accompany the company through the follow up process.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require other information.